Job opening

We are constantly looking for people who like to work with us. Since we are not out there to make profits, we cannot pay you for your work but with offering you experience and the opportunity to “learn on the job”.

News guys : You should help us update RPGDot with news on CRPGs. News updates happen several times a day, you should expect to spend about 30 minutes a day on this job.

Editors : Always wanted to write re- and previews for CRPGs? Here’s your chance.We always need talented people who supply us with articles. Or do you want to write an interview? RPGDot will help you to get in touch with developers, composers and the game industry.

Programmers : You can write java applets, scripts and work with databases? We need you. There are several projects you can work on, just let us know you are interested.

Moderators : We need people to monitor our boards at RPGFool. If you like to keep in touch with other fans, this would be a job for you.

Network management : Our RPGSites network brings together talented webmasters, artists, gamers and developers. We need people to coordinate the network, help people to get in touch with each others and organize meetings, events and chats.