Planescape Torment

Planescape Torment – 19.99$

The Planescape “multiverse” is the setting for the game – but setting is actually a misnomer… the Planescape multiverse is actually composed of a  series of “planes” (other dimensions) that rotate around a central city, Sigil,  like spokes on a wheel.

The city of Sigil is the central fixture of the Planescape multiverse. Also  called the “Cage” or the “City of Doors”, it’s unique in that scattered throughout its labyrinth of streets are portals (some hidden, some obvious) that lead to anywhere in existence, provided you hold the proper key. It is neutral  ground and watering hole for races and creatures from across the multiverse, all  under the watchful eye of the Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of the city.

The world of Planescape is a more adult, hard-core fantasy setting compared to other AD&D worlds. The architecture, the people, the creatures — everything has an edge to it. Belief, emotions, faith, and other abstract concepts actually make their presence felt in reality. In the Planescape  multiverse, belief has the power to reshape worlds, kill and resurrect beings, and change the laws of physics.

A great RPG for a great price. Click the image to learn more…

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